NC Eastern Health Stewards

Eastern Health Stewards are a group of stakeholders looking for ways to collaborate and share resources to improve health of the population in eastern NC. These efforts are supported by a Steering Committee, with Dr. Ron Gaskins currently serving as Chair. The Steering Committee is tasked with exploring and pursue grant opportunities to impact/improve health in eastern North Carolina. Member organizations of the Eastern Health Stewards support the Steering Committee in pursuing grant opportunities for eastern North Carolina. In 2019, the Stewards are taking steps to be in a position to respond to the N.C. DHHS Healthy Opportunities Pilots when the request for proposals is released in late summer 2019. In addition, the Stewards are working with NCARE360 to assist with the onboarding of eastern NC counties to the resource platform.

The Eastern Health Stewards have created the document below to help distinguish between NCCARE360 and Healthy Opportunities Pilots.

Steering Committee Members

Name Member Of Email
Caroline Doherty RCCHC
Shelisa Howard-Martinez Care Share Health Alliance
Melissa Roupe Vidant Health
Annette Greer NC AgroMed Institute/BSOM
Ron Gaskins (Chair) Vidant Health
Ruth Little BSOM Dept of Public Health
Jim Madson Beaufort County Health Dept
Wes Gray MWT Health District